Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 Nike Air Max 90:  As one of the company’s long-standing lines of cross training shoes, the Nike Air Max 90 is as capable a shoe as it was when first released some 20 years ago. Generations of runners have raved about the Air Max 90, as it is a perfect blend of exercise-capability and everyday sensibilities. Anyone in the market for a high-quality running shoe or versatile cross trainer simply cannot afford to miss the Nike Air Max 90.

First introduced in the 1980‘s, the initial version of the Nike Air Max 90 line did not differ significantly in appearance than its present-day incarnations. Interestingly, it was in 1987 that Nike first introduced their now trademark visible air pockets in the heel of the Air Max, and that feature is alive and well even in the modern rendition. Over the years, customers have found the air pocket to be of superb comfort and excellent long-term reliability.

Nike Air Max 90Furthermore, the outsole of the shoe is capably equipped with high quality rubber grips which facilitate running and exercising on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Complimenting the superb traction offered in the outsole, the midsole of the Nike Air Max 90 is where the shoe truly stakes its claim as a timeless cross trainer. With incredible width and durability, the midsole of the Air Max 90 provides for optimal stability, making for a much more comfortable running experience.

The upper of the Nike Air Max 90 comes in two distinct variations. The first, and perhaps more common among runners, is the mesh version. The mesh upper makes for an extremely lightweight shoe, adding to the effortlessness and comfort of the running experience. Furthermore, the material naturally promotes ultimate breathability, keeping the feet dry and comfortable even during vigorous workouts.

Nike Air Max 90The second version of the Nike Air Max 90 is constructed of a high-quality leather upper. While the mesh version is typically a big hit with runners, the leather version offers unsurpassed durability and long-term use. Like other Nike shoes, the leather version is highly resistant to creasing, helping it to keep its sharp appearance even after significant wear and tear.

In each upper variation, the Nike Air Max 90 features multiple eyelets for customized lacing. Again, the ability to personalize the lacing configuration is a big draw for many customers, particularly those who intend to use the shoe as a dedicated cross trainer. As expected, the insole features more than ample padding, and the included flex grooves technology promotes ultimate range of motion without sacrificing stability.

Like with many Nike cross trainers, one of the most notable aspects of the Nike Air Max 90 is its versatility. Many customers find the shoe equally capable both as workout footwear and an everyday item. True to this ability, more color options are available than ever before in the Air Max line, making it possible to personalize the shoes to every last detail. Click here if you would like to see prices for this shoe on Amazon!